Tuesday 23 June 2020

Diary of a liveaboard during lockdown - CV Week 13

Sunday 7 June to Saturday 13 June 2020

Monday morning and the whole of Andalucia moved in to Phase 3 of de-escalation.  For us it was a week early as the Province of Malaga had been held back a week, but as the number of new cases continued to decline over the course of the week, the Government agreed that Andalucia could move into the next phase as one.  

It would mean though, no restrictions on personal movement, restaurants could open 50% of their interiors, shops, shopping centres and cultural buildings could open to 50%.  This was it, we were reaching the end of lockdown and would soon move into the new norm, whatever that may look like!

To celebrate moving into the next phase, we took a long walk to the end of the promenade.  We hadn't done this walk since before lockdown as we were quite nervous going out to start with, but as we've progressed through the phases and we've observed how seriously people take the wearing of masks and social distancing,  our confidence has grown to venture further.  The view from the end of the promenade is one of our favourites and with a chilled glass of wine in hand, we were treated to glorious views of Gibraltar and Morocco. 

Work wise, we were in finish off job mode so we sanded and painted the galley splashback and small table for our cabin.  It's surprising how long it actually takes,  given the sanding and drying time in between coats, but at least it's done now, is in place and I'm really pleased with it. 

Another job we cracked on with was fitting our new cockpit cover. Mark had fitted one for our friends Peter and Leslie who are stuck in England and we were so impressed with it we decided it was time to ditch our worn out sunshade, curtain and piece of gazebo that made us look like sea gypsies and invest in something that would provide us with more space and look nice too.  We are really pleased with it, it's so spacious and airy, it's like have a shaded patio on board! 

Since we moved into the de-escalation phase, the weather has been glorious so Mark went out sailing with his friend Isaac for a few hours along the coast. He said it was great to be out on the sea again, under sail, a genuine feeling of freedom. He must have enjoyed it as they didn't return until after dark!

The highlight of the week for both of us was when we received a copy of an oil painting of Offbeat.  As a thank you for looking after his boat, our friend Peter had used a photo he had taken of Offbeat when we sailed to Ceuta and had painted in oils.  It looks absolutely amazing and we were so pleased with it we've made it our cover photo for our blog.

We really look forward to seeing them again soon and to hanging the painting on offbeat.

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