Thursday 9 July 2020

Diary of a live aboard during lockdown - CV Week 14

Sunday 14 June to 20 June 2020

After working so hard over the last few weeks   we had a relatively lazy week, which involved doing some odd jobs but most importantly,  having some downtime. 

Sunset at Playa del Cristo 
We treated ourselves to a night out at a beach bar on Playa del Cristo.  It's a perfect place to go and chill, with good food, wine and service and is a beautiful romantic setting when the sun goes down.

Our other highlight of the week was being treated to a day out by a fellow sailor from our pontoon. Peter is a retired gentleman who has a yacht moored on our pontoon and who one day, had the misfortune to fall off his boat. I saw him fall and rushed to help him, but I couldn't do anything but push the boat off the pontoon to stop it crushing him and shout for help.  Luckily two Spanish guys heard me and came to help and along with Mark were able to lift him onto the pontoon.

So, by way of a thank you to me and to Mark who had helped him with some work on his boat, he drove us up into the beautiful mountain side of Casares, which is a picture postcard white village with a population of around three thousand and a view to die for. To say it is stunningly beautiful would be an understatement. The village is a tourists heaven, with white washed houses, the remains of an Arab castle and a church perched at the highest point of the village.
Beautiful village of Casares
What makes it even more enchanting though is that despite its beauty and stunning views, it isn't part of the coach tour carousel found in some of the other pretty white villages of Andalucia.

A real gem, but shush, don't tell anyone else!

Back in Estepona, the news and chatter was all about ending the State of Alarm and getting ready for the 'new norm'.  It would mean that from Sunday 21st June restaurants, bars, shops etc. could return to there normal capacities, albeit with strict social distancing and sanitary requirements and facemasks would still be required in shops and places where social distancing wasn't possible. 

For us it would be no more restrictions of movement across the country and we would be free to travel anywhere within Spanish waters.  It would also mean that and tourists could start arriving and the quiet tranquil life we had led for the past three months would all change.  Only time will tell if it will be for better or worse!

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