Sunday 10 May 2020

Diary of a live aboard during lockdown - CV Week 7

Sunday 26 April - Saturday 2 May 2020

The week started to the sound of children's chatter and laughter as they gradually returned to the port to enjoy the freedom and sunshine and to ride their bikes or scooters and feed the fish.  After six weeks of eery silence, it was a beautiful sound. A bit like the dawn chorus on a spring morning. 

I can only imagine what it must have felt like for the children of Spain, especially those that live in apartments. At least as adults we could go out to the shops, but for some of the children their only escape would have been a balcony. And having witnessed first hand how sociable and family orientated local families are, this for them, would be like the first shoots of Spring.

Happy birthday 
Other joyous occasions during the week was celebrating our daughter Victoria's birthday (affectionately known as Pip) and my brother Glen's 60th birthday.  Both were celebrated via video call with a glass of wine to raise a toast.  We are dearly hoping that once the 'new norm' settles in and we have a better insight into how travelling by aeroplane is going to work, we can go back to England to see our families and do some partying!

Social distancing rules observed!

We also had a visit from staff from the marina to formerly thank us for choosing their marina to stay in.  I'm not quite sure why they gave Mark the wine, they obviously don't know me that well, but it was a lovely gesture and it made good headlines on their social media.  And you'll be pleased to know the wine wasn't too bad either.

Views from Playa del Cristo
In response to the falling number of new Coronavirus cases, the Government announced that as of 2 May, everybody would be allowed out for exercise or walking, but only within a given timeslot and for those walking, within 1 kilometre of their home. 

So, Saturday night, with masks and gloves in place we headed off to the mirador overlooking Playa del Cristo.  And what a treat it was. A beautiful warm evening, with clear skies and as the sun set, it illuminated north Africa beautifully. It reminded us once again why we love Estepona so much, with its pretty town, friendly people and views across to the next continent. 

Just visiting! 
On a final note, our week was completed by a visit late one afternoon by these gorgeous but bedraggled Swallows that we think were migrating north.  Sitting below in the cabin, with hatches all open, we heard the very loud sound of birds chirping away.  Tentatively getting up to have a look, I found these four, sitting on the guard rail next to the open hatch, singing away. They stayed there a good few minutes and I was so lucky to get these charming photos of them. 

Moments like that are so precious in these strange times.

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