Monday 18 May 2020

Diary of a live aboard during lockdown - CV week 8

Sunday 3 May to Saturday 9 May 2020

With the entering of Phase 0 of the de-escalation plan (still can't understand why Phase 0!) we saw the gradual return of familiar faces to the marina as Isaac, Richard and Pedro all took the first opportunity available to come and check their boats.  Mark was in his element. And, if I'm honest, I was just a little bit emotional hearing the sound of mens chatter and laughter and the roar of engines as boats were kicked back into life. Perhaps the 'new norm' wouldn't be so bad after all.

Before and after
One of the improvements I've been suggesting ("nagging" in Mark's words) for some time is to have a splash back put in place on the worktop between the galley and the saloon.  You would not believe the amount of times I've been chopping veg or cutting fresh crusty bread, only to find that half of it ends up in the saloon sofa or floor.  

Well, my wish came true as Mark cunningly recycled a shelf from the galley and fitted it with brackets and installed it between galley and lounge.  It isn't permanently fixed, so we can take it out and clean and it still needs painting and varnishing, but I am so pleased with it and it really makes a difference when preparing and cooking food.  Funny how it's the little things that bring you pleasure! 

Another job that came to fruition this week was the unveiling of the cockpit sunshade.  Over the winter months I had spent hours sewing binding onto the edges to reinforce the strength.  As the sunshade is about 7 meters long and 4 meters wide, there was a lot of sewing but, when we put the sunshade up and saw it in all its glory, it was well worth the work.  It was also nice to receive compliments from other boat owners although we do think we look a bit like sea gypsies at times, especially with the washing on the line!

Our week ended on a real high as our new barbecue arrived just in time for the weekend.  Those that know me will know that I have wanted a boat barbecue since before we left England.  Mark had made the mistake of showing me a picture of one that sat in a stainless steel holder made by the same guys that made and fitted our grab rail.  But, we had never got round to buying one as our boat budget was always swallowed up by things like engine parts and nuts and bolts. I never gave up hope though.

Just one of many beautiful sunsets
Anyway, last year whilst on our summer travels, it became far too hot to have the cooker on in the galley, so we mainly lived off cold meats, cheese and salads. A barbecue would have been perfect for cooking whilst enjoying a chilled glass of wine as the sunset on another hot balmy Mediterranean day. 

Whilst planning for our travels this year, we did quite a bit of reminiscing,  talking about what worked well, what wasn't so good and what could we improve to make life better. The subject of a barbecue came up and Mark suggested that it would be great if we had a portable barbecue which we could use on the boat, but also take ashore if we wanted a barbecue on the beach. And, there was enough money in the budget to buy it.  I thought it was a wonderful idea. Eager to close the deal before he changed his mind or more engine parts were needed, I said let's get it ordered as soon as so that we have it for when lockdown is lifted.  Mark ordered it from a marine store in Malaga and it arrived within a couple of weeks. We have used it quite a few times already and the food is delicious.   

I think it's safe to say it was a good investment and will certainly see a lot of use over the coming months.

And someone certainly seems pleased with it!

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