Saturday 2 May 2020

Diary of a live aboard during lockdown - CV Week 6

Sunday 19 April - Saturday 25 April 2020

I think we lost our mojo a bit this week as for us, it's been a relatively low key, lazy week.  No major projects, just admin and pottering around.

Happy Anniversary!
Except that we did celebrate our third wedding anniversary, albeit it very tame for us. No big night out, just a nice meal and a bottle of wine.  Crikeys, I can remember the days when we would party hard until the early hours but at the moment it all seems very sensible.  I know that they say life will never be the same, but I hope the spirit of some things return. Most likely when our Swedish friends Elisabeth and Tim return!

Admin took the form of preparing a shopping list of things to order now that some of the shops in Spain are open and Mark found out that his favourite Ferreteria delivers.  

We also had a serious look at what we could feasibly do cruising wise this summer.  Whilst we would dearly love to go back to the Balearics,  we were both in agreement that given that this was looking less and less possible.   Whilst there is talk of easing restrictions in Spain, we don't know what that will look like and when the maritime restrictions would be lifted.  Some say that aviation and maritime will be the last to be lifted, who knows!

So given the uncertainty and how the situation is in Spain, we have decided to stay in Estepona until at Spring 2021.  We have agreed that if we can go out sailing we would still like to do that, but no further than 100 miles (24 hours sailing time) from Estepona.  If there was to be a further lockdown  in Spain we would want to get back to Estepona where we know the lay of the land and feel relatively safe.

Cruising ground 2020
This still leaves us plenty of places to explore though.  We have mapped out that we could go as far as Cabo de Gata, which we absolutely love or to Melilia on the North African coast.  Then there is Morocco itself or even popping out through the Gibraltar Staits to visit Cadiz. Only time will tell where we'll end up!

Latest figures published for Spain indicated that the virus appears to be coming under control.  Whilst the totals are still shockingly high, with 223,759  confirmed cases and 22,902 deaths, the rate of acceleration of contaigon and deaths is slowing.  However, the Spanish Government are not yet ready to take the risk of relaxing lockdown as the extention to the State of Alarm was approved until 10 May.  The only concession the Government has made is that minors under the age of 14 can go out with one parent for one hour a day within a 1 kilometre radius of their home.  Eveything else stays the same for the time being.

On a happier note, we have been enjoying the company of our new friends, the sparrows.  I feed them twice a day, morning and early evening and even bought them some seed to give them a bit of variety. In return, we get a dawn chorus in the morning which, at 6.30am, I'm not sure if it's to thank us or wake us!

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