Thursday 26 September 2019

Treasures in the mountains - Deià

July 2019

From Puerto de Sòller we took the bus to Valdemossa.  Not only were we going to travel through the Sierrra de Tramuntana, but we would also be going through the small village of Deià.  

This area of Mallorca is very popular with the rich and famous as the seclusion found within the mountains offers residents privacy as well as tranquillity.   Once renowned for its literary and musical residents, it is also now a favourite with actors, celebrities and politicians.  

Set deep in the Tramuntana mountains,  I had always been curious to visit Deià to see what the attraction was and whilst we wouldn't be stopping and exploring,  I would be going through it and get to see it.

As you can imagine, this was not Mark's thing at all, he couldn't think of anything worse. But, the temptation of travelling into the mountains and seeing the landscape that we viewed from the sea was enough to entice him along.

Sierra de Tramuntana 
He was not disappointed.  From the moment we left Sòller and started to climb the hillside out of the town, we knew we were in for a treat. And, what made it even better was, he wasn't driving.

Views of the Mediterranean
 from the hilltop
Up and round the windy road we went, with me holding my breath as we took hairpin bends. The spectacular views just kept coming and we were sitting on the right side of the bus to get some amazing photos. 

It seemed incredible to think that only a few days previously we had been sailing along that coast and pas Cala Deià in our little yacht wondering what the views would be like 'from up there' and here we were, looking 'down there'.

Cala Deià 

The mountain road finally left the cliff edge and started to head inland and onto the village of Deià. Set in the shadow of Teix Mountain, we had great views of the mountain and village as we approached it.

Driving through the village, with it's incredibly narrow roads, it certainly did look picture postcard, but for me a bit too cultivated for tourists.

Deià village

Deià in the shadow of
Teix Mountain 

The village only has 600 residents, but given the number of houses, together with cafes, shops and hotels you couldn't help but think that the inhabitants were there to serve the tourists and rich and famous celebrities that descend upon the village in summer months and that any building development taking place was to satisfy the demand of holiday homes rather than local demand.

I'm glad that I finally got to see Deià and as beautiful as it is, I felt it was soulless and cant say I'd hurry back there. 

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