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Porto Cristo

August 2019

Caves of Drach
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From Porto Colom we decided to take the bus to Porto Cristo and visit the Caves of Drach, with their underground paths that lead to the shores of one of the world's largest underground lakes.  They really are very spectacular and well worth a visit.

We set off and rowed to the quayside in Upbeat.   Unlike some harbours we'd been to, this was very organised for dinghies with proper facilities for docking dinghies and leaving them for the day. 

The bus journey took about an hour but wasn't very spectacular as it was mainly inland and only now and again did you get a hint of the coastline.

Arriving at Porto Cristo we made our way to the ticket office for the Caves of Drach.  Unfortunately everybody else had as well and the only tickets available were for 6pm. As the tour would take an hour and the last bus left at 6.30pm we decided to give it a miss.

Porto Cristo Harbour
We weren't going to waste the day though, so we headed off to the resort of Porto Cristo. It is a small town, perfect for strolling around so we decided to have a wander around, have lunch, then walk down to the main front and appreciate the afternoon sun and sea views.

Porto Cristo still maintains its function as a Spanish fishing village so when we stumbled across a packed fish restaurant full of Spanish speaking people, we knew this was the restaurant for us.

Having asked if there was a table available,  we were told it was possibly an hours wait. We didn't care, we weren't in a hurry, so with a bottle of wine and two glasses we sat at the bar and soaked up the atmosphere. 

Porto Cristo beach
The noise of chatter was loud, with a mixture of couples, families and business men holding working lunches.  The food was prepared and cooked just behind the bar and with the aroma of cooking, we soon got hungry.  The one disturbing thing about sitting there was watching the chef prepare the fish.  She was a bit enthusiastic chopping the heads of fish and you got a sense that you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of her!

Our meal was delicious and well worth the wait. In true Spanish style, 2 bottles of wine and 2 1/2 hours later we left the restaurant and had a wander down to the beach and waterfront for coffee and ice cream.  

Porto Colom Harbour
Back in Porto Colom we decided to have a little wander round before heading back to Offbeat. 

Porto Colom itself is not very big so it didn't take long to walk around.  I'd describe it as pretty and functional, with all the necessities required by travelling yachtsman and holidaymakers.  

Walk done, we had a glass of wine to finish off a perfect day out.  Big mistake!

It was turning to dusk by the time we headed back to Upbeat.  I think I may have mentioned before that me and Upbeat have a love hate relationship. I love her, she hates me and never 'behaves' for me.

That evening she surpassed herself.  Despite having a good place to moor and tie her up, as I went to step into her she decided to tip me out the other side.  In I went, in front of all the strollers along the prom.  Well, that sobered me up! Trying to get out of the water was even more embarrassing.  As Mark tried to pull me out, I couldn't get a footing (because I had my sparkly sandals on) and kept going back in the water.  In the end, a young lad came and helped Mark and with one on either arm, hauled me out of the water.  I was mortified!

They both held the dinghy in position so I could get in and with huge thanks we set off back to Offbeat. By this time, although I was cold and wet, I could see the funny side as I replayed it back in slow motion in my head.  It also made me more determined to 'master' her in the future.

Porto Colom
Next day we decided to head off.  Although we both really liked Portocolom, with its laid back atmosphere, calm seas and small quaint beaches, there were other places we wanted to visit before our next set of visitors arrived. 

It's definitely on our list of let's visit again as it's our sort of harbour. 

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