Tuesday 10 September 2019

Andratx - Mallorca

July 2019

Living life on the hook (anchor to non yachties) can take it's toll on you, especially if you're not 100%.  So, after nearly a week of Mark suffering with his back and no sign of it getting any better, we decided to head to Puerto de Andraitx and check into the marina so Mark could see a Chiropractor. 

So, with no wind to speak of, I pulled up anchor and we headed off literally round the corner to the next bay.  It took a couple of hours to get there, but the views were stunning on the way.

Our first glimpse of Sierrra de Tramontana
Once in the marina,  Mark went off to see the Chiropractor whilst I meandered around the marina and village, getting my bearings for jobs we needed to do.

Being in the marina in Puerto de Andraitx wasn't like being in other marinas where you're usually stuck on the edge of the town or village and have a 15 to 20 minute walk to get to shops or bars and restaurants.  In the puerto it felt as though we were an integral part of the village, albeit we were on the water.  

Puerto de Andraitx at night
It was a joy being in a marina and this one had greeat facilities including a swimming pool and laundry service.  We spent the first night on a pontoon stern too and a further 2 nights on a mooring buoy close to the marina.  The service from the marina was really good, with a dinghy service to pick you up and take you back to your boat.  I really liked this part, it was like having a driver on hand to run you around.  Mark also liked it as it saved him having to row ashore and enabled him to rest his back.

Andraitx nestled at the foot of
 Sierra de Tramontana

The views from our mooring buoy were beautiful.  To the north east was the main town of Andraitx, nestled in the foot of the Sierra de Tramontana, a spectacular mountain range on the north coast of Mallorca. To the south west was the Mediterranean and where we saw a stunning sunset and moon rise.

Sunset at Puerto de Andraitx

Moonrise over Puerto de Andraitx

The main street of Andraitx town
Having seen the village from the puerto, we decided to take the bus into the mountains and explore the town. With a population of approximately 11,000 people it's not a big town so we spent the afternoon exploring on foot.

Most notable were the views from the church which is set proudly at the top of the steepest hill in the town.  Having climbed the hill, we sat on the benches slightly red faced and glowing, looking down at Puerto de Andraitx, admiring the views.  For some reason it made us quite reflective and we spent some time talking about how we had both started from humble beginnings to now living our dream through Offbeat's Adventures. 

Church of Santa Maria - Andraitx 

Rooftops of Andraitx

View of Puerto de Andraitx

Late afternoon whilst sat in the main square of the town, surrounded by locals and enjoying a cold glass of wine, admiring the views of the mountain range around us, it was easy to see why people fall in love with this part of Mallorca.  With the tranquil pace of life and stunning surrounds, it was bit of a drag to go to the bus stop and head on back to Offbeat for our next voyage.

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