Monday 24 June 2019

Javea to Formentera

Thursday 23rd May 2019

At 03:30 we dropped our lines at Javea marina and as we were waved off by the duty Marinero, we headed into Javea bay under engine.

It was a beautiful clear night, the sea was calm, the wind was light and the moon was shining bright to guide us on our way.  The lights of Javea were twinkling as we made our way across the bay towards our first weigh point off Cap de la Nau, which we had grown very fond of over the last couple of weeks.

We were both feeling very excited, despite the early start which was a shock to our system!  This was really it, we were heading across the open sea to new adventures. We weren’t sure what the summer would bring, but if it was anything like last year, there would be lots of fun, laughter, adventure and fantastic memories.

As we headed out of the bay at Cap de la Nau, with the wind blowing from the east, we were able to raise the main, staysail and foresail and turn the engine off.  Hurray, at last the weather was in our favour and we were sailing!  There was a slight sea swell, but nothing to bother us.

Although we'd been up and about early, we agreed to both stay on watch until we had passed the shipping lane.  As it turned out, it was a very quiet night in the shipping lane with only one vessel heading south.

By 06:00 we were halfway across the shipping lane. The wind was still with us and Offbeat was making good speed. With the awakening of dawn, Mark noted in the log book “Dawn is glowing pink to the east. Is there any better feeling in the world than your boat going well to a new island, the weather being kind and your heart being at ease". Safe to say he was a happy bunny!

An hour later we were through the shipping lane so we altered course for the Balearics, which had been in sight since sunrise.  By now, the wind had dropped so we were motor sailing but still making good progress.

For the next few hours we continued to motor sail.  With the exception of a quick visit from two dolphins, we had the sea to ourselves.

By 11:30 there was just enough wind to turn the engine off and sail at between 4 – 4.5 knots.  Still not a lot happening, other than a couple of super yachts go bombing past in the distance.  Obviously wanted to be in Formentera for lunch! It’s always amazing how the time flies by at sea even when there's nothing happening and nothing to do.

By 13:45 the wind had picked up and we were reaching 6 knots under sail, which for Offbeat is good going. The weather was still being kind, clear and sunny and a slight sea swell.  Was this a good omen and a sign of things to come?  We certainly hoped so as by now we could see our final destination and were buzzing with excitement.

We arrived at our final destination at 15:55. We had chosen the anchorage of Cala de Sahona on the west side of Formentera to shelter us from the easterly wind. And wow, what an anchorage. The sea was aquamarine blue, the sand was white and the cliffs sheltering us looked like layer cake.

As we opened the champagne (thanks Chris) to celebrate our arrival at our first island, it would have been easy to mistake Formentera for paradise!

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