Sunday 28 October 2018


Sunday 7 October 2018 to Monday 8 October 2018

We stayed in Barbate for one night as we wanted to crack on and get into the Mediterranean as soon as possible and as there wasn't much to do near the marina other than go explore the mountains and we had plenty of them waiting for us round the corner, so we weren't tempted to stay longer than was necessary.

We had a leisurely dinner over a bottle of wine and discussed our plans for the next day.  This was the big one, the one that had tempted me to agree to my darling husbands madcap idea (my words, Mark's take is long term dream and carefully executed plan!) of leaving behind everything that I love and hold dear.  WE WERE GOING TO THE MEDITERRANEAN NEXT DAY,!

I think that on that evening we were both in awe of what we had achieved so far.  Two kids from working class backgrounds, retired early and having the adventure of a lifetime.  We had to pinch each other to make sure it was real and we weren't going to wake up with the alarm going off and have to get ready for work.  This was real, and if it all disappeared tomorrow we had some fantastic memories.

So, with routes planned, weather checked and a strategy for going through the Straights of Gibraltar in place we headed off to bed, like two excited children waiting for Father Christmas to arrive.

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